Clash Of Clans Private Server 10.322.8 With Townhall 12 – Electro Dragon

Miro Clash would be the new developers of Clash of Clans personal host with amazing features and custom mods best mod in this clash of clans private server is the unlimited buildings and troops. You have to try this machine to know how cool it is.

I had problems loading the server until I attached to a stronger WiFi network. Therefore, if you're planning to play this private server then be sure you have very good and fast online link to load the host for the first time.

You're able to play Townhall 12 and the New troop electro dragon, also all of the attributes from the latest update have been added such as new levels to walls and buildings. You can enjoy the siege workshop and check out all the siege machines. You'll have unlimited gems in this Clash Of Clans Private Server with Townhall 12, which means it is possible to upgrade your Townhall to degree 12 and everything else to test it out. So far MiroClash is the very first CoC private host with Townhall 12 electro dragon and siege workshop.

View gameplay if you would like, prior to downloading.

To learn more see Supercell's Fan Content Policy:

About this server
1: You've got your unlimited resources to perform everything to the maximum level

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Download APK
2: Try the newest Electro Dragon, Siege Machines adn Townhall 12

3: You can play in both builder base and town hall

4: You can train up to 10000 troops without needing to upgrade anything

5: You can make or join clans

6: Speak with other gamers on global chat

7: Battle with other players who are on the same server as you

8: Building capacity is up to 1000 (Many desired this feature)

The cost of updating anything is 0 and there is no demand for any prerequisites to upgrade further as everything is set to the maximum level. The same features are in builder base. You really need to test this out server to research it fullest

All builder foundation buildings have been added into the town hall as Well as the builder foundation now has boundless buildings

CHANGELOG: 12/06/2018
New Townhall 12 additional
New Electro Dragon Troop Added
New Siege Machine Additional
New Siege Workshop Additional
All new amounts for buildings and units added
1: Download the APK from the link below

2: Install and love

Note: First time launching the game"Downloading Content" takes a while so be patient.

Now you can play the newest Townhall 12 and the new electro monster troop, also the siege machines can be analyzed. You'll have unlimited gems in the game so it's possible to update everything to the maximum and examine it out, the coc private server will have PVP command plus working to attack your base if you want to make YouTube videos.

Download MiroClash Private Server APK


Download MiroClash APK in their website

As I mentioned earlier loading it for the first time will take a good internet link as for me it had been downloading the material until I switched to a faster internet connection.

You could also receive link error from time to time that's quite normal for any private server as these are"Personal Server" they aren't hosted on a really powerful server that could handle 1000s of people at once.

Therefore, in the event that you receive any connection mistakes just close the app and then try again later, it occurs because the server is either overloaded with a lot of players or down to maintenance.

I am certain that you are going to adore this clash of magic apk Clash of Clans private server by MiroClash. Make sure you try the P.E.K.K.A and Fight Machine in Townhall they are epic. Allow me to know your ideas about this new Clash Of Clans Private Perform with Townhall 12 in the comments section below, the official updated private server with Townhall 12 will be inserted in 3 weeks, that will another server.

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